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MentorMentoring a high-risk youth is a difficult, taxing proposition and is not for everyone. You can save yourself much frustration and increase the likelihood of success by engaging in the following before you start the mentoring process.


Be sure mentoring a high-risk juvenile is for you. Trying to mentor when you are not a fit will only result in frustration and disappointment for all concerned. Look closely at yourself and ask the following questions. If you are not comfortable with your answers, do not proceed with the mentoring process.

1. Do you have the time and personal commitment to stick with it and do what you say you will do? It’s likely to be a long haul. Don’t start if you cannot finish it.

2. Are you able to handle frustration and disappointment?  At-risk youth are at risk for a reason. Mentoring them will require patience and persistence, and your best efforts may not be rewarded.

3. Can you avoid condemning people who aren’t like you and don’t behave like you think they should?

4. Are you willing to listen rather than talk?

5. Can you provide emotional support?

6. Can you provide spiritual support?

7. Can you model success in a supportive manner?

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